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ELERA 640nm-400mW 

8 500.00 

The ELERA is a compact DPSS Laser emitting at 640nm, with a maximum output power of

400 mW. It offers an attractive combination of power and excellent beam quality (M2≤1.1)

that makes it well suited to STORM / dSTORM applications in life sciences microscopy.

ELERA can be modulated to 10kHz via a 0-5V analogue input,

no need for external modulation as Accousto-Optic


“We tested ELERA laser for our development of 3D nanoscope and we were pleasantly

surprised by its quality, compactness while offering a very high power.

Now, we adopt ELERA laser in all our nanoscopes”

Nicolas BOURG. CTO of Abbelight, France

Laser rouge Elera STORM
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